Sutta Gallery

A collection of Suttas, discourses of the Buddha, harmonised by the Vinaya, code of discipline of the Buddha, and the Abhidhamma, higher teachings of the Buddha. They are clarified here with explanations for easy reference, understanding and direct application in life. 

  • How sharing of merits with devas began?   
Dhammapada 354
  • How do I choose a suitable religion and use its teaching as guidance through this life? 
Kalama Sutta: AN 3.65
  • How can I live a long life, be healthy, good looking, rich, happy and peaceful?

Cula Kammavibhanga Sutta: MN 135 -
Sayalay Susila; Pa Auk SayadawThanissaro BhikkhuÑanamoli Thera; Ariyadhamma Mahathera

Maha Kammavibhanga Sutta: MN 136 - 
Thanissaro Bhikkhu; Ñanamoli Thera

Sappurisadana Sutta: AN 5.148

  • I want to be rich with much wealth, and is able to enjoy that wealth. Beg you show me how? 
Sappurisadana Sutta: AN 5.148   |   Richness in Dana
  • What are the results visible in the here and now from the practice of generosity or dana? 
Siha Sutta 5.34
  • Can you please explain why some people succeed in business while others do not?
Vanijja Sutta: AN.4.79
  • Is there a simple guide for a lay person like myself to follow so as to enable me to live a happy and worthwhile life? 
Sigalovada Sutta: DN 31
  • What do I need to do to go to heaven in my next life?
Dhammapada 224  |  Dhammapada 18
  • What do I need to do to avoid being born in the woeful states in my next life?
Keep the precepts well; Master the jhanas; Strive to be a Sotapanna.
  • If i wish to be free from stress, my eyes free from strain and live at ease and comfort, is there a way to fulfill this wish? 
Dipa Sutta: SN 54.8
  • What do I need to do if I yearn to be freed from all the suffering, stress, disappointments, and sorrow that I am experiencing in my life? 
Dhammapada 225
  • My mind is constantly occupied with worries, anxieties, and fear, how do i get rid of them? Tell me quickly !
Dhajagga Sutta: SN 11.3  |  Subrahma Sutta: SN 2.17
  • Are we the only beings living in this vast wide borderless universe?
31 Planes of Existence   |   Buddhist Cosmology Chart   |  31 Planes of Existence
  • Are plants considered as living things/beings as taught by science?  
31 Planes of Existence   |   Commentary on Plants
  • How can i overcome sexual lust which is recurring again & again despite experiencing progressive calmness in my meditation?
Develop Piti-Sukha as in Jhanas   | Culadukkhakkhanda Sutta   |  Dvattimsakaro
  • Why do we observe Uposatha precepts (eight precepts) during meditation retreat? What is the importance and significance in keeping them?
Muluposatha Sutta (AN 3.70): Discourse on the Roots of the Uposatha  |  Uposatha Sutta (AN 8.41): Discourse on the Uposatha Observance  |  Visakhuposatha Sutta (AN 8.43): Discourse to Visakha on the Uposatha   |  Sakka Sutta (AN 10.46): To the Sakyans (on the Uposatha)
  • I know I need to meditate regularly because i have experienced the benefits, but I am lazy. What do I have to do to overcome this laziness?
Maranassati: AN 6.19, AN 6.20, Dharma Essence Page 1, DE Page 2   |   The Five Hindrances   |   Chiggala Sutta: SN 56.48
  • Be wise, people tell me! But they don't tell me how. Please do tell me how. 
Learn the Dhamma  | Master the Jhanas   |  Practice Vipassana     
  • How do i know how to judge a person from one's character? How can i recognize a good and wise person?
AN.4.192  Thanissaro Bhikkhu | Nyanaponika & Bhikkhu Bodhi  |  AN.6.44   
  • I find I need to learn to improve my speech urgently. Lately I found I have hurt too many people too frequently with the words that came out from my unrestrained mouth. What do I do?
Cullavagga (Cv.IX.5.2)  |  Right Speech  |  Sila
  • I found many times what i spoke are not the truth, which i now realise is akin to lying. How do i overcome this?
Itivuttaka.1.25   |   The Fourth Noble Truth
  • Why do i have to practice the four foundations of mindfulness? Why is so special about this practice?
Establishing the Four Foundations of Mindfulness   |  The Four Foundations of Awareness   |  佛法開示 - 四念處, 美國洛杉機   |   The only way to nibbana !
  • Why do i need to practice concentration (samatha) when i can go straight to insight (vipassana) meditation ? 
Samadhi Sutta: AN.4.41   |   Samadhi Sutta: AN.4.94   |   Talk by Sayalay Susila
  • What are the common obstacles that a meditator faces when he practices meditation?
Nivarana Sutta: AN.9.64   |  Nivarana: their overcoming and removal   |   The Five Hindrances   
  • i have the sign, the nimitta, the light, when I meditate. But it does not last, it disappears for a long time. Why is that so and what should I do to sustain it ?
Upakkilesa Sutta: MN 128   |  Nivarana Sutta: AN.9.64
  • Why is it worthwhile to strive to become a sotapanna?

Dhammapada 178   |   Dharma Essence   |

Nakhasikha Sutta: SN 13.1

  • How long does it take to practice to become a sotappanna?
Mahasatipatthana Sutta - to the Kurus
  • How does one practice to become a sotappanna, sakadagami, anagami, an arahant?
Talk by Sayalay Susila
  • I heard the goal of the practice is to end all desires. Isn't the wish to end all sufferng also a desire? Isn't this contradicting?
Brahmana Sutta: SN 51.15   |   How to make aspirations?   |   Chanda   
  • What is Nibbana? 
Signless Nibbana   |   What is Nibbana?



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