About Venerable Sayalay Susilā


Sayalay Susīlā is the founder of the Appamada Vihari Meditation Center, Penang, Malaysia. She was born in 1963,  and ordained as a Theravada Buddhist nun in the Burmese tradition at the age of 28, in Malaysia. Sayalay began developing her keen interest in insight meditation while at the University of Science Malaysia, where she obtained a degree in mass communications in 1987.

After graduation, Sayalay worked as a high school teacher for a year and a half. But disenchanted with worldly matters and desiring to be dedicated to the practice more than ever, she resigned her post to take up meditation full time. Six months after her ordination in 1991, she went to Panditarama Monastery in Myanmar, where she practiced intensively for nearly three years under the guidance of the famous meditation master Venerable U Pandita Sayadaw.

In 1994, wishing to cultivate concentration meditation, Sayalay moved to Pa Auk Forest Monastery in Myanmar. She placed herself under the guidance of renowned monk, Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw, and remained in the forest for 14 years. In addition to an assiduous program of meditation, she also learned the Abhidhamma, ancient discourses, and the Pāli language from Pak Auk Sayadaw. Meanwhile, she became his English-to-Chinese interpreter in Myanmar and abroad.

During her travels in Myanmar, she also practiced different meditation methods, such as those taught by Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw, Mogok Sayadaw, and Sayagyi U Ba Khin. As a result Sayalay has become an unusually accomplished teacher able to present the subtleties of the Buddha's teachings in a simple and direct way. In particular, she presents the most profound division of the teaching, the Abhidhamma, in a lucid manner grounded not in pedantic philosophy, but in actual meditation experience.

Sayalay has traveled extensively as a meditation and Dhamma teacher, presenting the Abhidhamma and Sutta expositions in formal lectures and talks, and has conducted meditation retreats throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Latvia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. She speaks fluent Chinese, English, Burmese, Hokkien, and Malay.

Sayalay is the author of many books. Her publications include Unravelling the Mystery of Mind and Body through Abhidhamma (second edition), The path to Happiness, and Dhamma Essence Series (both English and Chinese), From this shore to far shore (Chinese) The Practical Manual of Abhidhamma  (Chinese), and The Nine Virtues of the Buddha (Chinese), Patthana or 24 Conditional Relations (Chinese).


善戒法师于2014立了位于马来西亚槟城的 “正勤林”,是任住持。

师于1963年生于马来西彭亨, 毕业于槟城理科大,大众传播系。学时始研习观禅 1991年,法马来西亚槟城佛教修中心披剃出家。披剃后,法便前往甸, 在名的阿梨班迪禅师(U Pandita Sayadaw)之下,精密集修禅约三年。1994,依止名的甸阿梨帕禅师(Pa Auk Tawya Sayadaw)学习观长达十四年之久, 除了勤不懈地学习禅修,也学习阿毗摩、巴利,深受法益。


2002,的足迹开始遍布北美各地,并应请法者之邀,除了授外,也指导禅修和示法要。生,增广见闻参学甸各种禅修法(莫哥( Mogok Sayadaw)(Sayagyi U Ba Khin)葛印卡(Goinka),和 水民(swhee Oo Min)因此非常善巧的老,能简单直接的方式佛陀教法中微部分,据实际禅体验清晰呈佛法示生、活、精准与独特,作有:《揭身心之秘》,Unraveling the Mystery of Mind and Body, The Path to Happiness,《阿毗用手》,《佛陀的九德行》,《朝向快之道》,《佛法精粹》,《此岸到彼岸》

Venerable Sayalay’s Vision and Mission


To establish a wise meditation community with right effort


To integrate meditation into the daily life of Buddhist practitioners


1. To educate Buddhist practitioners in the right view of the Dhamma.

2. To cultivate a habit of meditation among Buddhist practitioners

3. To train teachers in the Buddha Dhamma and in meditation

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