What do I need to do to be very wealthy?

The basic foundation for the start of the creation of wealth and richness is offering, dana. The seed needed to sprout a harvest is giving, dana. The quantity, abundantness and quality, deliciousness & nutritioness of the harvest are in one's intention that accompanies the giving.

  • Dana Sutta: AN 7.49 - the causes, the reasons for the graduation or degree in wealthiness, the return and non-return to this world.
  • Sappurisadana Sutta: AN 5.148 - a person of integrity's gifts; giving with a sense of conviction, with attentiveness, in season, with an empathetic heart, and without adversely affecting himself or others; these causes and their results.
  • Aputtaka Sutta: SN 3.20 - the causes, the reasons for not being able to enjoy the wealth that one has.
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