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A collection of audio recordings made during Dhamma talks and meditation guidance by Sayalay Susila. MP3. 
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Four Foundation of Mindfulness Retreat @ AVMC Dec 2017 NEW

Catskills Retreat 2017 (Oct-Nov 2017) NEW

7 Days Retreat at Toronto (25 September-1 October 2017)

Wesak Retreat 2017 (6 May-10 May 2017)

March 2017 Retreat

Noble truth of suffering & Ceasation of suffering

Anapannasati Sutta 

Chinese New Year Blessing Ceremony 2017

Dhamma Talk @ Singapore (09-09-2016)

Dhamma Talk @ Singapore (16-12-2016)

Mind is a powerful element that affects our whole being. However, the power of it is almost unknown. This talk will reveal to you how a wholesome mind can overcome obstacles that arise, while an unwholesome mind hastens the ripening of unwholesome kamma. You can develop the wholesome mind easily.

Female Novitiate and Eight Precepts Program

Dhamma Talk By Sayalay Susila At BGT

Dhamma Talk by Sayalay Susila on Bhavana Day 

Four Foundation of Mindfulness (16-24 July 2016)

Kusala Day (26 June 2016)

Dhamma Talk at Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha 

Dhamma Talk at Metta Lodge Johor Bahru 

2016 Wesak Day Dhamma Talks

1st International Buddhist Novitiate @ Ladakh (Aug 2015)

Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF), Damansara Selangor 

Singapore Dhamma Talks @ Vimalakirti Buddhist Centre

(17, 18 to 19 Sept 2015)

Malaysian Day Dhamma Talk (16 September, 2015) 

Abhidhamma Camp (29-31 August, 2015) 


7 Days Four Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation Retreat (16-23 July, 2015)

1-Day Retreat (Anapanasati) (12 April 2015)

at Appamadavihari Meditation Centre 

Sutta Study (Samyutta Nikaya N22.2) (29 March 2015)

at Appamadavihari Meditation Centre 

Singapore Dhamma Talk  (27 September 2014)

at Vimalakirti Buddhist Center, Singapore 

Dhamma Talk at Medan, Indonesia (23 August 2014)


5-Day Samatha & Vipassanā Retreat (26 - 30 July 2014)

at Bodhi Heart Santuary, Penang, Malaysia 

9-Day Meditation Retreat (14 June - 22 June 2014)

at Southern Dharma Retreat Center, North Carolina, USA 

Maryland, USA (June 9th, 2014)


Michigan, USA (May-June 2014)


Penang Hill Wellness Retreat Sutta Study (25 - 29 March 2014)

AN169(4) Four Types of Persons (With / Without Exertion)

3-Day Anapanasati Retreat (1-3 Mar 2014)

at Penang Bodhi Heart, Penang, Malaysia 

1-Day Four Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation Retreat (24 Nov 2013)

at Penang Bodhi Heart, Penang, Malaysia 

1-Day Anapanasati Meditation Retreat (3 Nov 2013)

at Penang Bodhi Heart, Penang, Malaysia 

Michigan, USA (March - April 2013)


8-Day Concentration and Insight Meditation Retreat (29 December 2012 to 5 January 2013)

at Bodhi Monastery, NJ, USA 

Abhidhamma Talks on Cognitive Process (Dec 2012)

in USA  

The Power of the Mind (5 August 2012) 

at Nalanda, Malaysia 

Bodhi Heart Santuary (14 April 2012)


Meditation Retreat in Nalanda (7 - 8 April 2012)


5-Day Retreat Malaysia (10-14 March 2012) 


Satipatthana Meditation Retreat (2012)

Anapanasati Meditation Retreat (2012)

Contemplation of the Mind (2012)



MLA (California)


Mahavihara Toronto Canada


Bhavana Society, West Virginia (6-Day Retreat)




From August to November 2010


Connecticut, US (10-Day Meditation Retreat)


Michigan, US (7-Day Meditation Retreat)


Mindful Living Alliance, California, US (2-Day Meditation Retreat)


Canada (3-Day Meditation Retreat)


Ohio, US (3-Day Meditation Retreat)



August 23 2009



(23 May 2009) 

2007 Abhidhamma

2005 Malaysia


Abhidhamma Lectures


A Collection of Anapanasati Meditation


CD for Distribution



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