After Venerable Sayalay Susīlā‟s ordination in 1991, she traveled to Myanmar to pursue her intensive practice in meditation for many years, learning under the guidance of several renowned teachers using the various techniques taught. Venerable is proficient in both Chinese and English language, and she is well known for her simple and lucid way of teaching to impart the sublime and profound teachings of the Buddha. In addition, Venerable is also proficient in the Abhidhamma, Sutta Pitaka and Pāli language. As such, she is undoubtedly a much experienced and accomplished meditation teacher. Out of Venerable‟s deep compassion to make the Buddha‟s teachings more widely-disseminated and easily accessible, all of her teachings are available via the website @

Over the years, Venerable has traveled to many places around the world but has never made any of these places her permanent home. She has selflessly and untiringly propagated the Dhamma and taught meditation in the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Latvia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.  Venerable‟s numerous Dhamma publications, both in Chinese and English, have been well-received and made available around the world. Many devotees have not only benefited but in the midst, found joy in their understanding of her lucid and meaningful Dhamma talks and guidance. Lately, Venerable Sayalay Susīlā has focused her Dhamma teachings mainly in Penang, Malaysia where she is now leading a group of devoted practitioners to actualize her vision in prolonging the Buddha Sasana. 

The Vision and Mission of Venerable Sayalay Susīlā

Establishing a wise meditation community with right effort

Integrating meditation into the daily life of Buddhist devotees

1. To teach Buddhist devotees the right method and technique in meditation        
2. To educate Buddhist devotees the right view in Dhamma        
3. To cultivate the habit of practicing meditation among Buddhist devotees 

1. To conduct regular Sutta study classes        
2. To organize regular meditation classes and meditation retreats        
3. To compile and edit Venerable‟s Dhamma teachings for print publication and circulation        
4. To record and edit Venerable‟s Dhamma teachings in the audio/visual media for production and circulation 

Having lived the vision & mission through all the activities mentioned above, the number of devotees who have attended Venerable‟s Sutta study, meditation classes and retreats has been increasing day by day. In order to cater for the growing number of devotees, and for the convenience of propagating the Dhamma and meditation practices by Venerable Sayalay Susīlā, some devotees, out of loving kindness, have made an offer to establish a permanent monastery. Venerable Sayalay Susīlā having recognized that it is now an appropriate time to establish a permanent monastery, has decided to look for a suitable site in Penang, Malaysia and name it as "Appamāda Viharī  Meditation Centre, Penang."

Appamāda Vihari in Pali means "dwelling in diligence" or "dwelling in vigilance".

Therefore, the main objectives in establishing Appamāda Viharī Meditation Centre are:
1. To provide a suitable monastery for Venerable Sayalay Susīlā to facilitate the propagation of meditation practices and the Dhamma
2. To provide a suitable centre for the learning and practicing of meditation on a regular basis 

Land Acquisition Project
At the end of July 2012, Venerable Sayalay Susīlā and some devotees had identified a piece of hilly land at Balik Pulau in Penang and a 1% earnest payment had been made. In the meantime, Venerable is also in the midst of negotiation with the owners of two adjacent lots with the intention of acquiring these lots for the monastery. The whole land acquisition may cost about RM1.6mil. Hence, within the next period of 4 to 6 months, there is an urgent need to have sufficient funds in order to complete the land acquisition. Currently, while we have decided to continue with the land acquisition processes, we believe devotees from all over the world are looking forward towards the smooth completion of the project. Unity of will is an impregnable stronghold, as long as we are united, with the devotees sending their kind metta and dana generously, sufficient funds will flow in to support Venerable's wish to acquire the land.

Dana from outside Malaysia will first be collected by the respective representatives, and thereafter, transferred to the Venerable Sayalay Susīlā's “kappiya” bank account in Malaysia; whereas the dana from within Malaysia can be directly banked-in to the following bank account. In order to identify the source of dana, devotees are required to complete and submit a dana declaration form to the Voluntary Committee for collating and compiling records of all dana received. This form will be a reference for purposes of the Malaysian income tax and other governing laws in Malaysia.

Words of Appreciation & Blessing from Sayalay Susila for your kind support in establishing the Appamada Vihari

Video courtesy of Heather James

View the forest site and building plans in the photo gallery.

Support the establishment of Appamada Vihari.


Appamada Vihari Committee
Appamada Vihari Meditation Center, Penang.
(Organisation Registration No.:  PPM-009-07-21012013)


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